Pulmonology & Chest Disease

The Pulmonology department specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of chest or lung problems including; asthma, COPD, sleep disorders, tuberculosis, pulmonary fibrosis (interstitial lung diseases), chest infections, bronchiectasis, smoking cessation, pulmonary hypertension. Etc.

The department has the following services:

  • Lung function testing (Lung volumes, Capacities, Co Diffussion, body Plethysmography) 
  • Allergy screen and desensitization (Inhalants & Food) (Immunotheraphy)
  • Overnight pulse oximetry     
  • Sleep Study (Polysomnography)
  • Non-invasive ventilation (CPAP, BiPAP)
  • Pleural fluid aspiration (Diagnostic & Therapeutic)
  • Vaccination for chest infections (Influenza & Pneumonia)
  • Nebulization