Lifestyle Clinic

Lifestyle of most residents in UAE are fueled by ambitions to attain great success sometimes beyond their physical limits. In this pursuit, more often than not they keep their health concerns as the last priority. Sedentary lifestyle not only leads to ill health but also builds up negativity. Prevalent ailments like obesity and diabetes generally have a tendency to trigger emotional distress resulting in depression, eating disorders, psychotic syndromes, distorted body image and low self-esteem. However, with right treatment and lifestyle intervention one can avert serious health complications.

Lifestyle Clinic at Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah offers integrated consultation to overcome ailments like obesity, diabetes and other emotional distresses. Our expert specialists will help devise the right plan to achieve optimal level of health and greater sense of well-being. Over the past four decades, Zulekha Hospital has been a forerunner in advocating good health and preventive steps towards leading a healthier lifestyle in the community.

Avail the exclusive Lifestyle Management Package starting from AED 600/-

  • Consultation with Endocrinologist
  • Consultation with Dietitian
  • Special discount on Lab and Radiology
  • Consultation with Obesity Surgeon
  • Consultation with Psychiatrist