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Key Specialization
Oral Cavity Malignancies| Pharyngeal Cancer| Laryngeal Cancer| Sino nasal Malignancies| Salivary Gland Tumors| Thyroid Tumors| Temporal Bone Tumor| Other Head & Neck Tumors

Head and Neck Cancer is the sixth leading Cancer by incidence worldwide. More than 550,000 new cases are diagnosed annually. The Head & Neck region is full of hidden cavities like the ear cavity, nose with its paranasal sinus cavity, oral cavity, and throat cavity and eye sockets. Those cavities could be a site for hidden cancers that might take time in order to present themselves clinically. Majority of time, cancers in Head & Neck cavities present themselves as a secondary neck lump away from the cancer primary site before symptoms related to that primary site will show off.

This makes a great necessity for having a joint clinic between the ENT surgeon, the Onco-surgeon and the Oncologist to allow for a broader look at a Head & Neck lump, not only focusing on the lump by itself, but also to its hidden agendas.

This allows for an easier diagnosis journey, more precise treatment mapping and if ever surgery is indicated, the ENT approaches will allow for endoscopic approaches to be combined with the classical open surgical neck approaches to ensure that every single piece of tumor has been removed with minimal surgical mutilations.

Benefit from our multidisciplinary expertise in the fight against head and neck cancer.

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