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Book your appointment to meet our specialist and avail FREE Mammogram*

* • X-Ray Mammogram only for women, 40 years and above (If advised by the specialist). • U/S Mammogram at a discounted price (if advised by the specialist)


Book your appointment to meet our specialist and avail FREE Mammogram*

* • X-Ray Mammogram only for women, 40 years and above (If advised by the specialist). • U/S Mammogram at a discounted price (if advised by the specialist)


“Cancer may cause pain, it may shock you, it may even make you face your mortality, but it can never take your spirit away.”

‘Pink It Now' is a breast cancer awareness campaign launched by Zulekha Healthcare Group supported by Ford - Warriors in Pink and many other corporates. The campaign is targeted at both men and women across UAE with the core message of ‘Education and early detection’ to fight breast cancer. The main focus of the campaign is to promote awareness about early detection of breast cancer through regular examination and medical tests.

Dr. Pamela Munster is the face of the ‘Pink It Now’ campaign. She is a renowned Oncologist and a cancer survivor, who has devoted her time and energy in spreading awareness and leading the fight against breast cancer. As a pioneer in the field of breast cancer research, she has been researching on better treatment options. Dr. Pamela is a Professor with the Department of Medicine (Haematology/Oncology), UCSF and the Director at Early Phase Clinical Trials Unit and Leader, Developmental Therapeutics Program, UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Centre, USA.


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Warriors in Pink

Ford Motor Company has been in the fight against breast cancer for over 21 years. Warriors in Pink powered by Ford recognises the strength and courage it takes to deal with the everyday challenges of fighting breast cancer.

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The Friends of Cancer Patients (FOCP) is a UAE based society providing its services across the United Arab Emirates. FOCP is committed to helping cancer patients and their families get through the long and arduous journey of cancer treatment.

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P&G serves nearly five billion people around the world with its brands. Trusted in millions of living rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, PNG products have challenged convention, led innovation, and helped shape culture, over the course of 181 years.

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Doctor’s speak


Q1. Are all breast lumps cancerous?

Most breast lumps are not cancerous, but only your doctor can help you obtain the tests that determine for sure. The purpose of practicing regular breast self-exams is to know what is ‘normal’ for you. Report any changes to your doctor promptly. Remember the chances of survival when breast cancer is found in later stages are less than 20%!

Q2. If breast cancer does not run in my family, do I still need to worry about having it?

Every woman is at risk of developing breast cancer, and that risk increases with age. In fact, more than 80% of breast cancers are diagnosed in women who do not have breast cancer in their family.

Q3. Does being diagnosed with breast cancer mean I will die?

The sooner a cancer is detected, the easier it will be to treat it. The only way to detect cancer early is by regular screening (Clinical breast exam & Mammogram) according to the guidelines.

Q4. Does a low fat diet prevent breast cancer?

Women who decrease their body fat and exercise regularly, more than three hours per week, can decrease their risk of breast cancer by approximately 20%. This may be due to an overall decrease in circulating estradiol [a type of estrogen] that may in turn decrease the stimulation to cells that are potentially pre-cancerous. If a low-fat diet can help decrease a woman's overall body fat, it may indirectly help to decrease her risk.

Q5. I have been having pain in my left armpit - I can't feel anything on the outside, but I feel that there is something that I cannot palpate. Is this something I should see my gynaecologist or my primary care doctor about?

It's understandable to be confused about breast self-exam, but what's most important is that you're doing it. Because of the fact that you have found something that doesn't feel exactly correct to you, it’s worth seeing your gynaecologist or primary care physician for a good clinical breast exam. You may be feeling tenderness within your breast or armpit area that has a perfectly rational explanation, but using your own sense that something isn't exactly right to guide you to your gynaecologist is certainly appropriate.