The Department of Nephrology offers excellent medical care to patients with acute and chronic renal failure. It offers a comprehensive service to all kidney treatment methods and is dedicated to serving people with kidney disease. We have a highly experienced team of doctors to treat and diagnose a wide range of kidney disorders. We also make recommendations for kidney transplantation, as well as provide a unit for dialysis services in the hospital.

The Kidney Dialysis Unit was established at the Zulikha Nephrology Hospital in Dubai in 2006. The unit contains the latest Brown program and an advanced dialysis device for acute and chronic renal failure.

We receive patients with a wide range of medical problems, including diabetes, hypertension, and genetic disorders such as polycystic kidney disease. And advanced kidney disease. We also receive patients to help them manage and follow the renal transplantation process.

We perform the procedures of the blood vessels through the insertion of a double catheter tube, direct intravenous venous delivery of peritoneal dialysis and renal biopsy with nurse care for each patient.

Services provided

  • Dialysis for acute and chronic renal failure
  • Creatine / direct delivery of double-cavity blood vessels.

Holiday dialysis

Zulikha Hospital is the first health facility to offer a kidney dialysis unit. Which offers you a comfortable and affordable experience in the UAE. You can book your dialysis appointment easily through the hospital's website. Patients should undergo a routine viral marker check in addition to other tests before they undergo dialysis.

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